18 Halifax St.

Moncton, New Brunswick

Drop by and let us restore your vehicle to its original factory beauty! 

"Quick, efficient, and top of the line work. Our company has been using Flawless Automotive Paint Repair for several months now, and we're yet to be disappointed. Rob and Suz are incredibly friendly and very easy to deal with, which just adds to the overall experience. Rob is very experienced in the industry, and that is very evident once you see his finished work. I'd recommend this shop to anyone!" - B. MacNeil

By H S

June 5, 2016

Took my car there as recommended by a friend. Was scared at first as there was no reviews and nobody else I knew heard of them. My response is wow. These guys know what they are doing. You can not tell where the scratches were. The colour matched with the original paint. Amazing work!!!! Very happy.

Amazing work. Amazing -- really above and beyond the call of duty -- service. Pride in workmanship that defies contemporary life. Who takes your car back - and back - and back (!) because THEY aren't satisfied with it, and works for days to get it right (and provides alternate transportation for the duration)? Who does this?? And of course, Rob gets it right because he won't stop till he does. Epic work. Epic service. Is this enough hyperbole? Well, I could go on, but there would just be more words....and words fail. - Dorrie Brown 

"It happened. I had my new BMW for less than a month before someone backed into it. Somehow, the folks at FLAWLESS Automotive Paint Repair took what was a terribly annoying experience and turned it into an incredibly positive one. The work they do is truly an art. And, they took complete care of me... to the point that both the vehicle and I left looking better - the vehicle was shining and I had my new-car smile back. THANK YOU Rob & Suzanne!" - Ben Wilson    

By Ozzy D

September 4, 2016

The husband and wife team running Flawless made for a very comfortable experience. The quality of the work was indeed flawless! I would not hesitate to refer anyone to them for repairs. My car is only 2 years old and had highway stone damage to the hood and i had a slight encounter with another vehicle in a parking lot. The car looks brand new. And again...I need to comment on the overall experience - it was like dealing with old friends Thanks ! Patty

Hey Rob,
The BMX is a huge success! Max absolutely loves. He has been reciting your words on the paint and the fact that it’s Mercedes ever since we picked it up. Thanks again!
Andy LePrieur

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