18 Halifax St.

Moncton, New Brunswick

Drop by and let us restore your vehicle to its original factory beauty! 

Motor CycleGas Tank - Custom Refinish base/clear coat - Ceramic Clear

Mercedes-AMG 'S' Class-  Front bumper with a custom plastic weld 

​​​AUDI A5 'CUSTOM' RIMSsporting a new 4-stage paint process using PPG Liquid Aluminum &  Silver Glass with a final coat of 'Ceramic' Clear  -custom start to finish!

Nissan Rogue - Inside door panel with gouge and paint peel

Wheel flarescustomized paint job - Before & after 

Talk to us  about your "CUSTOM" requirements ......

BMX Bike diggin a new custom look with purple maze metallic topped off with ceramic clear... Rockin!