​​​​​​​​​FlawlessPR.ca  is lowering V.O.C.(Volatile Organic Compounds) Emissions and Hazardous chemical waste within our Industry to unprecedented lows. Flawless strictly mandates the use of manufacturer-approved Substrate ground coats, Base, and Top Coats, specifically Waterborne Toners and Ceramic scratch/chip resistance Clear Coats. Flawless, at this moment, has vested its interest toward the immediate lowering the Environmental Carbon Footprint within our automotive paint repair industry. Flawless has developed, designed, and implemented a working environment that is one of the leading businesses diligently involved in decreasing the Environmental Hazardous waste accumulation progressing at an all-time rate. We have worked to perfect our company that has been able to reduce hazardous waste accumulations and emissions ratios to approximately 6% of PUC (per unit completed). It has been a normal operational standard in our industry that deals with Hazardous waste and emissions ratios upwards between 25%--35% PUC. To achieve these ratios we use specific innovative techniques along with specialized equipment and Manufactures OEM approved products and materials. The old school thought process along with certain antiquated ideologies has entered a crossroad which hasn’t seen change in decades. This is one of the most important issues that need to be addressed when attempting to slow down the global Hazardous waste epidemic. Our companies logistical operation and development along with specific innovative procedures and techniques has documented and recorded HAZMAT waste and VOC emissions reductions to unprecedented ratios. At this point, the global Environmental Carbon footprint epidemic is compounding itself, Flawless has found a way with its innovative procedural and technical practices, along with an Environment Management Plan to lower its Hazardous waste accumulation and VOC emissions upwards towards 70-80%

FLAWLESS is an industry leading automotive paint repair facility.

Bumper - Before & After

FLAWLESSonly uses Manufacturer approved Base coat--Clear coat coatings and materials.

FLAWLESSAutomotive Paint Repair specializes in a perfect, seamless invisible repair on all automotive paint imperfections dealing with Scratches, Chips, Scrapes, Gouges and blemishes on your vehicles paint/clear coats.

FLAWLESSAutomotive Paint Repair has developed the only guaranteed 'flawless' automotive paint repair dealing with imperfections on all makes and models of Import and Domestic Automobile Paints.

Above we are showing a typical repair at Flawless on a front bumper.  Our specialized procedures allows us to repair only the damaged area using less product and lowering V.O.C. emissions compared to a traditional repair.

FLAWLESS  Automotive Paint Repair only uses a CERAMIC CLEAR COAT, the most durable Scratch and Chip Resistant CLEAR COAT available! This allows FLAWLESS to offer our customers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all automotive Base/Clear coat repairs completed

FLAWLESS Automotive Paint Repair.  100% GUARANTEED

Our New Store Front.... busy with lots of imports and domestics .... Your Automotive Paint Flaw Specialist! 

FLAWLESSAutomotive Paint Repair has chosen to use the foremost, leading automotive manufacturer recognized Waterborne Base Coats.

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